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11.05.2014 00:27, x226 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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The city sleeps and I'm awake,
Sit'ting on my bed, it's getting late.
Thinking of things that once were,
When we did stuff without of care.

A light passing through, that's life,
But I'm still looking for a man or wife.
Movies make it so easy, to live,
But reality is hard to believe in.

Drugs and money rule more than ever,
Nobody saw it coming, we all die together.
Destroying our generation and world,
Leaving everybody who wants to help, with no word.

Fame didn't do good, it created monsters,
Deleting a life, what was once theirs.
All we have to belong in this gray mass,
Dirty, won't even see through our class.

Lonely wolves, who eat their prayers,
Fighting againts the ones without brains.
Zombies, it's not imaginary, it's real,
Made them ourselves, nothing's surreal.

But back to my life, can it still be restored?
Future, apart the childhood it tore.
Putting our minds together, nothing seems to be found.
Soon we will found ourselves in the cold ground.

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