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In life and death // 6 (0)

22.04.2012 20:27, x131 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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When I woke up the sun seemed to be shining really harshly, glaringly to be honest. I peaked a little bit towards the window but it was still raining. Grandma had just probably turned on the fluorescent lamp she´d bought a couple of days ago in case of severe rain and dark days. The raindrops paddled against the roof, that was leaking. I kicked a bright red bucket towards the wet place and closed my eyes again. I heard thunder roaring outside and couldn´t sleep anymore. What time was it anyway? I´d fallen asleep at night, I knew t h a t for sure. But it still seemed to be dark. It might´ve just been the weather though. There were enormous puddles all over the yard. Quiet drip-dropping from the bucket. The rough wooden clock tick-tocking. All in all besides those sounds it was so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. I did hear it. Until it stopped. I heard a scream from the bedroom. I froze, my heart stopped pumping the blood and my lungs shrunk into small stumps. This awful all-embracing fear came over me. „Grandmaaa?“ I didn´t hear her answering and I found my legs running towards the back of the house and the bedroom. The door was open and I made a strange jump-like movement that could seem really funny in a different situation. There she was. Standing in the darkest corner of the room, trembling. She had an old broom in her left hand and she was holding it up high. Her pale eyes were filled with horror and she herself was trembling. Then I saw it. Just standing in front of her.

I little mouse. Squeaking. I knew the o n l y thing she was terrified of were mice.
„It´s okay, I got it.“ I said forcing my voice to be calm. She nodded in what seemed to be disbelief and let out a quiet sigh of relief.
„I got it, you go.“ Grandma threw me the broom and ran away as fast as she could.
„Here little buddy. Come to me.“ I whispered towards the mouse. It watched me as if it could´ve understood me. It walked straight on the broom. I cracked the window and let it out. Quietly squeaking it hurried away.

For that one millisecond, when Grams was screaming on top if her lungs I felt petrified of fear and anger. I realized that moment that if something really had happened, I would´ve been defenseless. I would not have been able to do anything about it. Sweep them off their feet with a broom? Yeah, I don´t think so either.

I needed to think. Now.

„Grandma? How do you feel?“
„Oh, honey, you know how I hate these filthy little devil's spawns. I was just frightened, that´s all. Did you take care of it?“
„Yes. Listen, Grams, I saw you yesterday with tha—“
„I´m okay. No leaping,“ she was flashing her leg under her long polka-dotted skirt.
„See? I´m fine.“
A smile came over my always-so-worried face. She really did seem to be okay.
„You know what? There should be tons of mushrooms now,“ she said mouth corners twitching up for a smile.
I burst out laughing. She was right though. I should go into the woods and pick some.
Grams was giggling with me. We were okay. It was just a mouse.
„It´s morning actually,“ she pointed at the window, „dark as in a bag, isn´t it?“
I nodded. She gave a small shrug. „Well yes, this is what happens, when the upper powers are messing with us. That big guy up there in the clouds is really not on our side right now.“

I peaked towards the post office across the road. Two cloaked strangers braved the inclement weather and were knocking on the door. „Ya´ here?“ I heard one of them calling out with a very hoarse voice. „It´s drizzling here a little, it´s refreshing though,“ the other said sarcastically. The dim light in the post office was killed and the stranger with a long beard trampled the flowers in front of the building with a grim taunt on his face.
„Ya´ like that? Well come out here and make me stop then. “
Nothing happened. The one with the beard shouted some assaults to the door and the other one also breathed fire and fury. He shook his fist in the window. „Ya´ll pay for that, you know. Soaking us in the rain.“

They walked away. Just like that. I didn´t know what to think. A few moments ago I would´ve asked Grams if we could offer them shelter until the storm passed but now. These seemed like quite issued fellows. Wasn´t my problem but I felt bad for them. The post office keeper, Mr Sinder was really good-hearted and not a bully kind of guy. He sure would´ve let these two in. I decided to put this in the back of my head and deal with it when the weather sorted out.

„I´m making pancakes. You want some?“ I heard Grandma calling out from the kitchen.
„Sure, that´d be great.“
I stared blankly at the window. The post office´s light suddenly went back on. I rushed towards the door and outside. I was barefoot, I realized after my feet touched the cold harsh asphalt. I put my wellies on and ran out.

Banging on the door and calling Mr Sinder´s name I waited there. For a minute or so. Nothing. The lights were on.

When I heard Grandma panicking back in the house I tore my eyes from the office and came back. So warm, inviting fireplace. God, it felt good to be home. These two man, well, they weren´t very lucky. I explained my mysterious disappearance and added, that I would like blackberry jam to go with the pancakes.

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