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In life and death // 2 (3)

14.04.2012 22:10, x153 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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When I finally opened my eyes I couldn´t see a thing. I was blinded by the harsh artificial lightning of what I believed to be the Curing Centre. I guess somebody had brought me there from the cave. I gently touched my forehead and discovered the wound was gone. There I layed, propped up on a thousand of pillows, clueless of what had just happened. I remembered tripping but who could´ve it possibly been, I mean, the one who found me.
The people of the village never went all the way downhill because there was literally nothing there. Besides the loneliness and yourself amidst the cruel mischiefs of nature at it´s best. I used to come to that cliff every single day just to stand there on the edge of world, let the wind blow away all the pain and memories of the normal every-day life. But lately it changed. Ever since my mum´s death I have practically been living there and I have never ever seen anyone else even near that place.

I remember figuring something out before passing out. Finding a purpose, something to fight for. It´s just that I couldn´t remember.
Well, if this really was the Curing Centre, there would´ve been nurses there. But I seemed to be completely alone.
"Nurse!" I tried shouting out loud but all that came from my dry mouth was a quiet "squeak". I saw a window, that´s what I thought at least. Yes, definitely a window, I realized as my eyes finally fully opened. And bright sunlight, green meadows. This had to be it. The Curing Centre, I mean. It was the only place so sterile and clean here, uphill in the village. I tried screaming again.

There was this ridiculous idea forming in my mind. I roughly oushed it back for the first say ten times, but when I had completely lost my voice I tried to give it a go.

I felt better already but I wasn´t sure how to unattach myself from these endless-seeming machines, so I grabbed a really heavy item that I couldn´t identify in that condition and state of mind from the chest of drawers. I gathered all the strength I had and tossed it all the way to the window. I heard glass shattering. Then there was a minute of silence and then the alarms broke off. I made a victorious gesture - at least there was a chance someone would come to me. I mean, they had to locate the source of the alarm somehow, didn´t they?

After what seemed hours of reckless struggle, I heard the door opening. A girl just a little older than my walked in. Her hair was black as ebony and her skin was chocolate brown. She smiled at me in confusion.
"Did you do this, darling?" she said pointing to the broken window.
I nodded shamefully, "I did, where am I, if you don´t mind?"
"At the Curing Centre, were else. Somebody had brought you to the door and left you there, poor thing. Sorry, the coyotes came over again, we weren´t in the building before."
"Is it this late already? Is it Siege Day? I mean, last I checked it was..." I muttered in disbelief.
"Stop, stop, you´re hurting yourself," she calmly said waving her hands up and down to show me I should just settle down, "no, it is not the Siege Day. Although you have seemed to lost your track of time..."
"But I didn´t sleep for days, didn´t I?"
"No darling, you came here a couple of hours ago."

I looked away from the nurse and pointed my eyes at the broken window, "Sorry"
She shrugged smiling and left, closing the door. I made out a small figure emerging from the bright sunlight. The person seemed to limp one foot and have a tiny hunch. I was scared for a millisecond until I realized it was Grandma, getting me out of this mess. But why was she limping? Did the coyote clan get her? I didn´t believe that for a moment. She was smart enough not to poke her nose in other cases not concerning her. And the coyotes were definitely not her problem. We lived far from the river, this was just not possible with the odds and timing.
I couldn´t lose her to0, that was the only thing I knew for sure.

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Please, if you may, my lady or lord, take a peek at the first part of the "Life and Death" series. This is based on a dream and has nothing to do with real-life people.

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