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The Impossible: Chapter 4 (0)

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The country of Magic. That´s how they call Farylion. The inhabitants refuse to believe in the existence of other kingdoms.
A legend has it that the huge empire of Farylion was created in 42 A.T.B. The Northern Besiegers had been trying to conquer Faryl for a decade. The people of the city, lived in fear, in danger. They were running out of food and weapons. Thousands were to die of the plague. It seemed hopeless to get through the day, let alone survive the cold winter. It was in the year 41, after twelve years of siege, when the men from the South, the naydiri and amiri had joined they forces and armies to defeat the enemy. So they did. Faryl was freed. The reasons why the southern men had suddenly intervent what would´ve grown to a war, have remained unknown, however, their arrival was a blessing for the people. The Council decided to pick one of the brave captains of the army and make him the King. So a year later Farylion was created by the joining of the Central Areas and the Southern Places. King Ruthir I was a naydir, one of the most majestic monarchs in the history. He leaded the kingdom with a firm hand and was very authoritarian. It suited most of the townspeople, who needed to be guided and led in the right direction. The peasants and the Villages they lived in were very independent and didn´t care about the King´s orders and suggestions that much.

In year 45 After The Beginning something remarkable happened. A big army of the Northern Besiegers arrived at Faryl. It was a devastating chaos, that broke out. The people wouldn´t stay quiet until the captain of the enemy´s army raised the white flag. They lowered their bows and swords and bowed to the King.
„I need to speak to you, my beloved Lord,“ he said in misery, „We have hurt your people and you. We beg for forgiveness.“
Ruthir was speechless. He gestured to give a sign to the captain to continue on talking.
„We come bearing apologies. The Northern people, Fayens are now your allies, if you, my King accept us.“
The Council discussed for three days. Fayens were now one of the tribes in Farylion and their territories where added to the lands.

I didn´t take long until first conflicts emerged between the three clans. It seemed for a long time the Fayens were getting along just fine with everybody else and that the southern naydiri and amiri were the ones fighting. It all started in 60 A.T.B when the first amir was crowned as the King. He had gotten the throne in a honest way but still there were many, who thought the one leading the country should be a naydir. In year 65 the Council heard out both sides and gave rights to the amiri. The other tribe was furious, they had always thought of themselves better and believed that they are the real fathers of that land as the first King was of naydirian heritage. The amirian king was murdered two years later. The conflicts between those two clans culminated with the War of Misery between 70 – 73 A.T.B. Too may people were hurt and dead so the population of the country had fallen remarkably. They decided to end the war with concluding the peace treaty of Mayfirm.

For the following years the naydiri and amiri have been allied but still struggling to get along. In real life they had always been and always be competing against each other. The Council and the King, however, where by that time, peaceful and as for the country´s sake, the two clans worked together.

The fayens had been plotting against the King for years but they finally struck in 100 A.T.B. As the two other tribes were in friendly relationships at that moment, the fayens didn´t succeed conquering the palace. They were banished from the country and sent away over the Seas.

Over the time the bigger cities such as Faryl and Mayflower slowly became deserted. The people gathered all in the Villages. In the south there were the the Village of the Sand and Village of the Water, in the North Village of Snow and in the Central Areas there was the Village of the Corn. Our heroes live in the Northern areas.

In their appearance there are almost no differences between the naydiri and the amiri. Altough, usually the naydiri have a slightly lighter skin. There is one thing that helps you tell these two apart. The amiri children and youths are really small, that is the reason they are so often thought to be one of the Underpeople, the scums of society. As they grow up, their height goes normal, nobody knows the reasons of that phenomenon yet.

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