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The Impossible: Chapter 3 (0)

25.10.2011 21:21, x153 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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This small worthless-seeming paper held so many secrets she had hidden from me. The thing I saw first was a small note added to the letter. It was written by Mrs Woodfellow, I could tell.
„This sheet gives the permission to do the foregoing. Ratified in 782* on the second day of the third summermonth by Mrs Myra Woodfellow.“
It made me suspicious, why would she hide it, I wondered. I couldn´t here the steps coming yet so I felt safe enough to read the letter.
It was really difficult to understand as it was written in ancient Naydira but as I had always been that curious, I had learn bits and pieces of the Naydira. I read it through, understanding about half of the words. But I got the point.
She had signed this... How pharisaic...
This little paper was all about the amiri. It suggested that the amiri should be banished from the Village and it was added, that if they don´t leave willingly a battle will be held between the two tribes. I realized I had just done one of the biggest mistakes of my life, I had disburdened my heart to an enemy.
I just stood there still, in the center of the room, holding the letter in my hands. Thoughts were running through my head. She was one of the most powerful naydiri, I could do nothing to make her Forget, besides, I wasn´t good at it at all. The only thing left to do, was to run. Run for my life. And so I did.
My bare feet aching of pain were tired and slow. My mind had suffered my attack just a few minutes ago. I was week, physically and mentally. That was all I could take. I felt the pressure of my intense thoughts of fear. And suddenly it ended.

When my eyes opened again and my vision was fully restored, I found myself lying in a pile of snow. I had managed to get away from the Village before I had collapsed. When I realized the danger had passed for some time I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew that the safe feeling was just temporary. As I was lying there in a moment of satisfaction I saw a small creased paper in my freezing fist. What a fool I was! I knew that by the time I could get far from the Village the whole naydiri spy-army would be after me. I was aware of the fact I had put my people in danger and that I had to let our Higher ones know about the fact the naydiri had us in their crosshairs. I needed to concentrate to collect my mind and give Lord Syrell a message. I visualized the fatal paper still in my hand and sent the image to our Highest. Well, at least that was taken care of.

I was devastated. I tried to blink away the tears so eager to start falling. I was just a child. I was cursed. I was sentenced to live in misery. I was probably going to face the seven Judges of the Village.

I had to stop the self-pity and find a solution. I pulled myself together and sent away a message to my mom asking her to meet me at the Three Spruces.

Before entering the bar on the edge of the White Forest, I needed to find a way to look like somebody else. I found it possible that Mrs Woodfellow had sent her messengers to all of the biggest meeting places of the Village to track me down. I tied my hair up, tore my long dress and put a bold face on. I didn´t consider myself as a fearless person but I sure did feel like one standing in front of the barhouse, trying to fight for my destiny.

* In the Village it´s year 782 A.T.B (After the Beginning). The Beginning is a certain year in the history of the clans living in Farylion, the country, that celebrates the year the first inhabitants set their foot on Farylion soil.

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