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The Impossible: Chapter 2 (0)

24.10.2011 15:55, x192 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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„Wait for a second, my dear,“ the old lady said as she was going to the kitchen, „a cup of tea coming right up!“
She put a lovely cup made of the naydiri porcelain in front of me.
„Pardon me, I need to have a little chat with my housemaid, who treated you as a gamine,“ she said.
„It´s alright, my appearance didn´t just convince her. It was my mistake, I should´ve introduced myself as a well-mannered amiri would´ve.“ I was able to pull out a sincere-looking blush of shame.
„Ma'am, I really feel as it is not something that important you should punish your maid for.“
„If you say so, my child.“
I wondered if it would be wise to talk to her about the fact I had upset the Shadow. She smiled and gave me a really worried look.
„But what happened to you? Where are your shoes? Why do you look as you had seen a ghost?“
Her question brought me back to the conversation and I had to put my thoughts away for a while. It took my some time to get them all packed away but as it was the topic of most of the classes of the third-graders I thought I had done pretty well getting them out of the way. See, in amiri school they teach us to put the thoughts we don´t want to think about at that precise moment but want to keep deep down there, away. A brief moment later I realized she had asked me about the same things I had been thinking about earlier. I pushed my mind to collect all of my thoughts I had packed away, together again.
„My dear, what is wrong? Your face is really pale and you seem to shiver.“
I realized I had gone to far and crossed the borders of the mind.
„I´m okay, just remembered a thing happened before,“ I decided to come clean about the Shadow.
She didn´t have the chance to mention again how awful I look as I raised my hand to ask her to be silent. I was aware it was risky, as no one wants to awake the fury inside an Higher naydiri, but as I knew how compassionate she was I decided to give it a go.
She did become quiet and made a gesture allowing me to begin with my story.
„I was at the White Forest this morning, picking the snowflowers for the lovely lady.“ I saw her face softening.
„I couldn´t even feel my limbs anymore. I thought I was going insane when I heard the voices of the wind. It sort of whispered my name, I thought.“ It seemed as she was a hundred percent confident I really had gone nuts.
„I lost track counting my steps and the Shadow emerged. I ran as fast as I could.“ As the old lady´s facial expression didn´t give out what she was thinking, I decided to go a little farther.
„You do know the fairytales, don´t you, ma´am? Wait... You don´t believe in them?“ I didn´t have the courage to add anything else. Long, disturbing silence. A few minutes passed and as she had coughed her voice clean, she broke the silence.
„Of course I now about the curse,“ she murmured. The old woman shook her head in sorrow and said: „You, my young girl will always be one of the children of the damned.“
„But what about the voices?“ I asked remorsefully, „They distracted me...“
„That is an urgent question that we will need to figure out right away. I shall get my books from the attic. It may take a while.“
I saw the trouble I was in. The Shadows will take what the want, they will kill who they want, the will distroy everything they wish to distroy. I started walking around the room. A letter with Mrs Woodfellow´s handwriting on it caught my eye. I secretly pulled it out fromt he old, beautifully carved chest she had always held her most precious things in.
I was shocked.

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