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Whats the Point?

postitas: AngelOfDeath - 25.02.2011, , loetud: 323x

Whats the point of living, where death comes anyway?
Whats the point of loving, when it ends with broken heart?
whats the point of dreaming, when dreams never come true?
whats the point of hoping, when theres no hope left?
Whats the point of writing, when nobody reads?

So many questions.

The point of living is, that you have identidy, you will earn something, you have friends and family, and you have a LIFE.

The point of loving, is to feel love, to feel being loved and have someone special.

The point of dreaming is to get away from all the struggle life give, and be happy in your own world.

The point of hopping, is to give hope, even when theres no hope left and with hope, you will get trough anything.

The point of writing, is to get it all out, so you dont have to ...

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