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postitas: marru18 - 06.08.2012, , loetud: 374x

“Do you” know that in the “springtime” “time forgets” that “the river flows in you”, so let us “kiss the rain” together in the “moonlight” for “the moment” is ours and our “dreams” will last “till i find you” after the “one day i will leave behind” the “memories in my eyes” just “because i love you” and the “destiny of love” “inside of me” will “present” a “letter” wishing you to “dream a little dream of me” and “love me” ‘till i’m “on my way”

Märksõnad: yiruma  moonlight  letter 

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Kpop is the best!

postitas: marru18 - 13.07.2012, , loetud: 403x

Really? Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber have better vocal ranges and more powerful voices than Ailee, Daesung, Jaejoong, Junsu, Hyorin, Changming, plus so many more? o: Yeah. Doubt it. Lady Gaga and JB got famous off the internet and through being odd. These stars trained their asses of for years until they reached perfection. Kpop stars work harder than anyone of these lazy American artists (not all are lazy, but most don't have to go through years of tiresome training to reach their dream.)

Märksõnad: Lady Gaga  JB  Ailee  hyorin  kpop 

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Why do i love kpop?

postitas: marru18 - 02.06.2012, , loetud: 432x

kpop is addictive, thats why.

from the songs, the boybands, the girlgroups, the variety shows, the dramas, the movies, well basicly everything that have to do with kpop is addictive. kpop is different. u cant compare them to american pop or jpop or whatsoever, the kpop music is something that unique and fresh. its full of surprise. u will never get bored. nowadays, u cant just conclude kpop as something cute (which is SOO not true -_-), there's so much more into it. its widen to so many genres, from pop to ballads, from hiphop to dance and sometimes u even will even listen to something u will never expected before. kpop music is appealing for all sorts of age groups, and all sorts of race. i'm definitely not a korean, and i also have found so many kpop fans from many different races, ...

Märksõnad: kpop 

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pildil on Hi!

postitas: marru18 - 11.03.2012, , loetud: 339x


Märksõnad: hi 

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postitas: marru18 - 03.03.2012, , loetud: 432x

LIVING WITHOUT YOU Beast is too hard I KNEW IT was only FICTION but i saw your BEAUTIFUL faces when i was DREAMING and sometimes i can be a BAD GIRL but BECAUSE OF YOU, beast, i will have a SPECIAL place in my heart only for YOU. its a MYSTERY why anyone would hate you and i get a SHOCK when i hear about people bashing on you. CLENCHING MY FISTS TIGHT i will wait for you guys to come to nyc. B2UTY AND THE B2ST FOREVER<3

Märksõnad: beast  b2uty  you 

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On ka midagiXD

postitas: marru18 - 25.02.2012, , loetud: 380x

Me kolmekesi tuleme vene sõjaväest,
meil jalas püksid verised ja
aatom teises käes.

Oh kooliaeg oh kooliaeg,
millal sina sured.
Mul on valmis juba
kirst ja viinapudel.

Märksõnad: vene  sõjaväest  kooliaeg  sured  kirst  viinapudel  püksid  aatom 

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postitas: marru18 - 25.02.2012, , loetud: 354x

Mida vanem eit
seda roosam kleit.

Märksõnad: eit  kleit  roosa  vanem 

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postitas: marru18 - 25.02.2012, , loetud: 370x

Mida vanem eit
seda roosam kleit.

Märksõnad: eit  kleit  roosa  vanem 

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postitas: marru18 - 13.07.2011, , loetud: 475x

Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Taio Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time, while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying Whats My Name. Eminem looked around and said Im Not Afraid, then justin bieber had a baby. Nelly then woke up and sighed as he said it was Just A Dream.

Märksõnad: niisama  bruno mars  grenade  taio cruz  dynamite  katy perry  fireword  the time  rihanna  whats my nam 

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postitas: marru18 - 03.10.2010, , loetud: 403x

Kool - vabatahtlik vangla
Tund - 45 minutit närvikõdi
Õpetaja - vabaduse piinaja
Hinne - tänu higistamise eest
Päevik - ese, mida tuleb kodus hoida
Õpetajate tuba - avalik mokalaat
Vahetund - viimane aeg, kus saab näidata armastust õppimise vastu
Kontrolltöö - organiseeritud häbematus
Laulukoor - kunstlik lärm
Poiste WC - sildita suitsuruum
Hinne 2 - argipäeva tõsiasi
Riietehoid - võrega piiratud hullumaja
Direktori kabinet - käskirjade vabrik

Märksõnad: gool 

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