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: DDD minu harry pottery lugu ( srry et inglise keeles : DDDD )

postitas: -Volturi- - 27.08.2010, , loetud: 678x

You and Draco are in love i repeat love, he gives you everything he can, he makes out hes hard and all but realy he is sweet but he does have a bad temper, one day you before you and draco were together, you were walking through the woods to pass the time ron was in the hospital he fell off his broom hermiony and harry were with him, as you were walking you heard a twig sap you looked around nothing when you looked back around their was Crabbe Goyle pansy and...draco your heart flutted you loved draco but he was always mean, Pansy walked up and pushed you down you hit the ground with a thud and wacked your head it started to bleed but you dident worrie you worried when you saw he wand she started saying somthing when Draco knocked the wand out her hand "PANSY LAY OFF!" "what the hell ...

Märksõnad: harry potter  mina  naljakas  romantika : DDDD . 

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