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Laul vaesusest ehk "Give me back my money now!"

postitas: kerlifan - 23.05.2009, , loetud: 590x

See laul on küll inglise keeles aga mul hakkas igav!

Yesterday I was on the cover of a magazine,
The best one you have ever seen.
Then this man came to me
He said I was as poor as can be.
He said someone stole my money,
He said it was really funny!

Ref: I just wanna scream
Have you ever seen
A rich girl that`s now poor,
Please don´t tell me anymore!
I don´t know what´s nickle or a penny
All I know is give me back my money!

My favorite car was my limo
I got when I was a kid (oh)
Now I have a busted old car
Please stop you have gone to far!
I want, want my cash
But all my dreams just crash!


Now I share, share a room
Please tell me I´m going home soon
I can´t take it anymore,
Being poor is such a bore
Ask me in a day or maybe a week
All I know is that ...

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