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So Long For Now

postitas: Irongirl - 26.02.2011, , loetud: 351x

You look so peaceful lying there
With your hands folded upon your chest.
You look like you are sleeping
But you are at eternal rest.
So Long For Now.

Not a hair out of place,
Your tie nicely done,
A beautiful smile upon your lips -
For now you are with Jesus.

When someone special passes on
It does not mean they are gone,
Though they are no longer with us
Their memory still lives on.

It hurts so much to lose a relative -
Especially one that is trustworthy and kind.
Grandpa, you were that special relative,
A rare and special find.

Grandpa, you will always be with me
In spirit and in mind.
You will always have a special place in my heart
Forever until the end of time.

Grandpa, I will not say "Good-bye".
This is not the end.
So I will just say, "So ...

Märksõnad: death  the end  good-bye 

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