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Minule >.<

postitas: Asylum - 02.05.2010, , loetud: 401x

Malice Mizer - Speed Of Desperate (English)

in this mechanical world, there are no hopes. come, into my hands
in this hell on earth, the cursing never stops. come, into my hands

my fabricated ideal.. a meaningless, atrocious corpse

i will wish forever, my desire unrelievable. come, into my hands
a silent knife.. an unstoppable lust. come, into my hands
my scattered happiness.. in exchange for this dreamworld

from the bottom of my heart, i love the me reflected in the mirror

abandoned alone.. i realize im a fool
abandoned here.. unable to see even tomorrow

always hoping.. i continue to think..
at this rate, this heat will dissipate..
now, i can no longer stand this thorn..
forever, this ...

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