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Samara Morgan

postitas: wendy45 - 22.10.2008, , loetud: 731x

Hello dear children.
My name is Samara Morgan. I was born in 1970 and died in 1978. I was born to a single mother (my biological mother) her name was Evelyn. She was discovered walking in the rain, pregnant with me. She was sent to a medical shelter for widowed women. She said there was no father for her baby but there had to be. My mother was aware early on that I was no ordinary baby, as I had been born mentally unstable and would never sleep,I was always quiet but only cried if she put me near water. She tried to drown me in a decorative pool at the shelter, later claiming that I mentally told her to drown me. After that, shelter administrators decided to put me up for adoption, and my mother was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Later a married couple visited me, a woman named Anna ...

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