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postitas: roosiplix - 05.06.2009, , loetud: 482x

Testid siis:
minu Iiri nimi on Alesnia O'Reilly.
Minu õel nimi on Adriana Neoma.
Mu nime jõud on mängulisus. :
Your name's power is that it helps you be playful.
Your name conveys both luminosity and uniqueness.
People who meet you can't help but think you are dazzling.
You try to live a sweet, flourishing life.
Mingi vesivärvi test ütles minu kohta:
You Are Highly Inspiring
You believe that your life has a higher purpose, and you do all you can to achieve it.
You are wise, and a lot of your wisdom comes from self discipline.
You try to live as moderately and modestly as possible.
You make room for rational, small indulgences... while living as ethically as you can.
Mu maadleja nimi on: Ebony Filthy Lips
Your Birthday Predicts You're ...

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