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Open Happiness

postitas: Chatless - 16.08.2011, , loetud: 747x


Well hello is this thing on
is anybody listening?
A brand new day has begun.

The first thing that I want to know
make sure you feel it too.
So Im not the only one...

Come on lift me up its a brand new day,
Open up a little happiness today.
So I can be someone new (So I can be someone new).
Come on and lift me up to a better way,
Open up a smile on another face,
So I can feel something new.

Open up, open up some happiness.
Open up, feel some happiness.
Open up, open up some happiness.
Open up, open up some happiness.


I want the sun to shine,
All the time.
Is that too much to ask?

Oh, I want to have some fun,
I want all my friends to come.
Cause it's now or never
Learn the words and sing ...

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