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postitas: CullenGirls - 27.12.2009, , loetud: 458x

Midnight strikes in the darkest night of her life, she cries
All her dreams are dyin'
Midnight strikes in the darkest night she's in tears
She hears a million angels screamin' in pain

[LaFee - Midnight Strikes]



Once Again.


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one thing 'bout love

postitas: CullenGirls - 26.12.2009, , loetud: 656x

I could fall in love a million times before I die

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postitas: CullenGirls - 26.12.2009, , loetud: 615x

Sometimes is never quite enough
If you're flawless, then you'll win my love
Don't forget to win first place
Don't forget to keep that smile on your face

Be a good boy
Try a little harder
You've got to measure up
And make me prouder

How long before you screw it up
How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up
With everything I do for you
The least you can do is keep quiet

Be a good girl
You've gotta try a little harder
That simply wasn't good enough
To make us proud

I'll live through you
I'll make you what I never was
If you're the best, then maybe so am I
Compared to him compared to her
I'm doing this for your own damn good
You'll make up for what I blew
What's the problem...why are you crying

Be a good boy
Push a little farther now
That wasn't fast ...

Märksõnad: perfect  alanis morrissette  lyrics  laulusõnad 

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