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Strange Behavior

postitas: jaimebradley - 26.03.2020, , loetud: 323x

Strange Behavior
Different nations have their own unique culture, and Korea is not an exception. Foreigners often get amazed when they visit this country. Korea has many differences that catch the eye of a newcomer. This country has greatly surprised me because numerous ordinary things seem very strange and weird to me. This paper aims to discuss such things explaining their origin.
One of the weirdest and strangest things to me were advertisements for plastic surgery that were seen everywhere: at bus stops, on the subway, in shops, and so on. In Seoul, there is nowhere to hide from these advertisements trying to persuade people to improve one or another part of their body with a scalpel. In the affluent Gangnam district, almost every wall is decorated with an arrow pointing to the nearest cosmetic surgery office. I was surprised that everywhere there was a poster encouraging me “to breathe life into my face.” The range of facial contouring, breast correction, blepharoplasty, and the tummy tuck is seen all around. Men are advised to reduce the square jaw, and women – to tighten sagging cheeks. A friend of mine always complains that every time the rain starts she has a pain in her chin. She went to a plastic surgeon to change the shape of her nose. However, due to this minor operation, her perfectly-shaped chin has become very painful. Despite this, in the near future, she intends to increase her breast size. Moreover, the fact that South Korean parents give their teenage daughters money for the operation called the “double eyelid surgery” is surprising as well. I cannot understand why they do this as Korean women’s eyes are naturally beautiful. According to questionnaire writing service some of the people are different in so many aspects.
Furthermore, Koreans are very concerned about their health. For example, in the rainy season, the rain may be light or heavy, but it passes quickly. However, Koreans do not leave their houses without an umbrella as they do not want to become bald because of radiation. If the weather suddenly improves, and the sun appears instead of the rain, an umbrella turns into protection against sun rays. Moreover, Koreans use umbrellas in winter when it snows. By the way, they are not fond of sunbathing because they consider it harmful to the skin. After the Fukushima disaster, Koreans do not recommend to fly to Japan because of radiation. However, it seems that they do not think about the fact that Korea and Japan are geographically in close proximity. The Japan Sea called the East Sea in Korea separates these two countries.
Another strange tradition in Korea is a taboo against the neckline. A Korean girl can wear shorts and miniskirts, but she always covers her breast and neck. In fact, it seems that Korean women and girls do not know how to select clothes properly. For example, I saw a girl wearing warm clothes on a very hot day. In addition to the neck, which is still difficult to see here, the girl’s swimsuit also seems strange. Women swim in shorts and T-shirts worn over underwear. Since they do not like to sunbathe, I got uncomfortable in a swimsuit on the Korean beach feeling that I was the only nudist on the normal beach.
Thus, Korean traditions often seem strange to foreigners who are not accustomed to them. Although every country has its own unique habits and customs, Korean differences catch the eye of a newcomer. This country has really surprised me because numerous ordinary things seem rather weird and strange to me.

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