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Why do i love kpop?

postitas: marru18 - 02.06.2012, , loetud: 420x

kpop is addictive, thats why.

from the songs, the boybands, the girlgroups, the variety shows, the dramas, the movies, well basicly everything that have to do with kpop is addictive. kpop is different. u cant compare them to american pop or jpop or whatsoever, the kpop music is something that unique and fresh. its full of surprise. u will never get bored. nowadays, u cant just conclude kpop as something cute (which is SOO not true -_-), there's so much more into it. its widen to so many genres, from pop to ballads, from hiphop to dance and sometimes u even will even listen to something u will never expected before. kpop music is appealing for all sorts of age groups, and all sorts of race. i'm definitely not a korean, and i also have found so many kpop fans from many different races, and we can talk all day about kpop, our daily live and any other fun things despite of our so-called-difference. kpop is universal. eventho there is some people who said that kpop artists are posers and not original, i never find any of this true, seriously.

other reasons is the artist itself. when i said kpop artist, its not only the cute boys/girls in groups, i mean come on! we also have solo artists, duhh. plus the cute, girly like boys image are no longer manipulate the kpop scene now. many of kpop groups nowadays are more matured. and of course, the kpop artists are talented, yes you heard that, TALENTED. they can sing, they can dance, they can rap, they can act, they can DJ, they can compose and there is so many other random things that they can do. moreover, kpop artists especially those in the boybands have random personality and that what makes the fans love them and the crazy fangirls fall for them. kpop artists always appeared in variety shows and reality shows, which reveals their true self and personalities to the fans. kpop artist also care for the fans and try to have a close bonds to their fans, by doing fanmeetings, fanservices, texting with the fans via ufotown and some other things that makes fans love them even more.

other than that, the korean dramas, variety shows and the movies which like i've said before, is highly addictive, well some kpop fans come from that area. well actually there's so many other reasons why one can be a loyal and devoted kpop fans, but the reasons are so many and random, try being a kpop fan once and u will know what i mean.

i also never thought i will ended up being a fan, since i use to be crazy with american songs.. but one day when i accidentally watched a kpop music video in mtv, i suddenly interested and searched on the group on the web, which leads me to another groups and songs, and then lead me to the other groups, and now i ended up being a kpop fan as a whole ^^ i dont listen to any music other than kpop music since then, thats how big the impact that kpop had left on me.

you said you dont get it why peoples like me are sooooo into kpop right? i used to have the same thoughts too. just so you know, you will never know the feeling, not until you being a fan yourself. - kpop is different, its addictive. once u fall for them, u cant turn back, seriously.

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