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Sunbunny & Snowbaby ?!

postitas: RedVampireGirl - 24.11.2010, , loetud: 632x


Do you like
1 sunbathing?
2 playing beach games?
3 wearing a swimsuit?

Do you mind
4 being on a crowded beach?
5 getting sand in your hair?
6 feeling hot?

Do you prefer
7 a) relaxing by the pool?
b) playing volleyball?
8 a) lying in the sun?
b) sitting in the shade?
9 a) having a quick dip?
b) swimming long distances?

1. Yes 1 No 0 4. Yes 0 No 1 7. a) 0 b)1
2. Yes 1 No 0 5. Yes 0 No 1 8. a) 0 b)1
3. Yes 1 No 0 6. Yes 0 No 1 9. a) 0 b)1

Your Sunbunny rating

6-9 You are a number one sunbunny. You love summer, sun and sea. You love getting on tan. But you're a bit lazy! Try to be a bit more active on the beach. It can be fun!
3-6 You like the sun but you don't just want to lie in it. You like being active and sporty. Sitting around isn't for you.
0-3 You hate the sun, sandy beaches and too many people. You don't mind a bit of exercise but you are definitely not a sunbunny! Maybe you're a snowbaby?

Do you like
1 playing in the snow?
2 throwing snowballs?
3 ice-skating?

Do you mind
4 wearing thick winter clothes?
5 being outside if it's snowing?
6 falling down in the snow?

Do you prefer
7 a) walking in the snow?
b) doing winter sports?
8 a) sitting in a mountain cafe?
b) skiing or snowboarding all day?
9 a) watching winter sports on TV?
b) watching winter sports live?

1. Yes 1 No 0 4. Yes 0 No 1 7. a) 1 b)0
2. Yes 1 No 0 5. Yes 0 No 1 8. a) 1 b)0
3. Yes 1 No 0 6. Yes 0 No 1 9. a) 1 b)0

Your Snowbaby rating

6-9 You are a number one snowbaby. Winter sports are your favourite activity and you love cold weather, snow and fresh air.
3-6 You like winter sports and enjoy a snowy winter but you don't like to feel cold. You're not very energetic and prefer sitting around. Try to take a few more risks!
0-6 Oh dear- you don't like winter or snow! You're not at all interested in winter sports. You don't mind watching them but only in a warm room!

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