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sinu kohta

postitas: gangstaboy - 24.01.2010, , loetud: 459x

et siis vaadake mis te kokku saate ja kirjutage alla xD
Kuu, millal sündisid...

January--I kicked
February--I loved
March--I did the Macarena with
April--I played with
May--I choked on
June--I murdered
July--I sang to
August--I had lunch with
September--I danced with
October--I smoked
November--I yelled at
December--I ran over

Kuupäev, millal sündisid..

1----- --a paperclip
2----- --a monster
3----- --a phone
4----- --a fork
5----- --a gangster
6----- --a Mexican
7----- --my cell phone
8----- --my dog
9----- --my best friend's boyfriend
10----- --my neighbor
11----- --an ipod
12----- --a banana
13----- -- chuck
14----- --an animal
15----- --a goat
16----- --a pickle
17----- --your mom
18----- --a spoon
19----- --myself
20----- --a football player
21----- --a ninja
22----- --a fireman
23----- --a noodle
24----- --a squirrel
25----- --a baseball
26----- --my sister
27----- --my brother
28----- --my science teacher
29----- --a permanent marker
30----- --a lama
31----- --A homeless guy

..ja millist värvi pluusi sa kannad hetkel.

White----- -Because I was high.
Black----- --Because that's how I roll.
Pink----- ---Because I'm NOT homosexual.
Red----- ----Because the voices told me to.
Blue----- ---Because I'm sexy and do what I want
Green----- -Because I hate myself.
Purple----- -Because I'm cool.
Gray----- ---Because I was drunk
Yellow----- -Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange----Because I hate my family
Other----- --Because that's how I roll
None----- -Because I cant control myself

Pange nüüd fraasid kokku ja mis lause saate?

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