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miley- goodbye twitter

postitas: -LittleFlower- - 19.10.2009, , loetud: 609x

Yeah, the rumours are true
I deleted my Twitter
Ha, can you believe it?
I got to 2, 2 million
That I said adios
I had to say goodbye
And this little rap is to tell my fans why
Huh, uh!

No, it wasn't because my friend told me to
Y'all know very well, what you say I don't do
And the reasons are simple
I started tweetin' by pimples
I stopped livin' for moments
And started livin' for people

Yeah, you write what'cha doin'
But who really cares
If I'm playin' with Noah or just doin' my hair?
Everything that I type
And everything that I do
All those lame gossip sites
Take it and they make it news
I want my private life private
I'm done trying to please
I ain't livin' for tabliods
No, I'm livin' for me
No more emo quotes
And fake feuds with Demi
Yeah, I'm done with all that
And the truth is I'm too busy

Yeah, I gotta admit
I miss Dane Cook's tweets
And I really liked looking at Katy Perry and Britney
I might have some withdraws
I was a little obsessed
But I'm peacin' out
And I'm leaving with this
Ha, goodbye
Ah, ah goodbye

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