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tähestikulises järjekorras on esitajad ! pildiüleval on kirjas laulja nimi.

30 Seconds To Mars
Jared Leto (paremal)
Beautiful Lie
From Yesterday
Was It A Dream
Edge Of The Earth
The Fantasy
The Kill

Boys Like Girls
Martin Johnson (paremal)
Five Minutes To Midnight
Love Drunk
Heels Over Head
Broken Man
Learning To Fall
Up Against The Wall
On Top Of The World
The Great Escape
Let Go
Me, You And My Medication
On Top Of The World

Cradle Of Filth
Dani Filth (keskel)
Rise Of The Pentagram

Declan Galbraith
Tell Me Why
Nights In The White Satin
An Angel
You And Me
Ego You
Tears In Heaven

Escape The Fate
Ronnie Radke (endine) , Craig Mabbitt (vasakult teine)
Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche
The Guillotine II [This War Is Ours]
10 Miles Wide
It's Just Me
Harder Than You Know
On To The Next One
My Apocalypse
You Are So Beautiful
Reverse This Curse

Fall Out Boy
Patrick Stump (vasakult teine) , vasakul Pete Wentz (ei laula)
The (Shipped) Gold Standard
Thanks For The Memories
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
The Music Or The Misery
Lake Effect Kid
Sugar, We're Going Down
The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes
The Take Over, The Breaks Over
jne (KÕIK laulud)

Good Charlotte
Joel Madden (vasakult teine) , Benji Madden (paremal)
We Believe
All Black
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
I Just Wanna Live
The River
The Anthem
March On
Dance Floor Anthem
Break Apart Her Heart
Little Things

Green Day
Billie Joe Armstrong (keskel)
Know Your Enemy
Basket Case
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
American Idiot
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Working Class Hero
We Are The Champions
21 Guns

Gym Class Heroes
Travis McCoy (paremal)
Clothes Off
Cupid's Chokehold
Cookie Jar
Catch Me If You Can

Hey Monday
Cassadee Pope (kõige ees)
Set Off
How You Love Me Now
Run, Don't Walk
Hurricane Streets
Should've Tried Harder
6 Months

Linkin Park
Mike Shinoda (vasakul) , Chester Bennington (paremal)
In The End
New Divide
What I've Done
Given Up
Shadow Of The Day
Somewhere I Belong
Valentine's Day
Bleed It Out
One Step Closer

James Hetfield (vasakult teine)
The Unforgiven
The Day That Never Comes
Enter Sandman
Whiskey In The Jar
Fade To Black
Die Die My Darling
Nothing Else Matters
Turn The Page

Metro Station
Trace Cyrus (vasakul) , Mason Musso (paremalt teine)
Shake It
Wish We Were Older
Seventeen Forever
After The Fall

Micheal Jackson
Dirty Diana
Man In The Mirror
Earth Song
Black Or White
The Way You Make Me Feel
They Don't Care About Us
Billie Jean

Undisclosed Desires
Supermassive Black Hole
New Born

My Chemical Romance
Gerard Way (keskel)
The Ghost Of You
Welcome to The Black Parade
This Is How I Dissapear

Panic! At The Disco
Brendon Urie (paremalt teine) , Ryan Ross (paremal)
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
Nine In The Afternoon

Papa Roach
Jacoby Shaddix (vasakult teine)
To Be Loved
Hollywood Whore
Last Resort
Never Enough

Corey Taylor (paremalt kolmas, VIST)
Dead Memories

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AFI , All Time Low , Ashlee Simpson , Aerosmith , Blink 182 , Billy Talent , Black Veil Brides , Breaking Benjamin , Clawfinger , Cobra Starship , Coldplay , Evanescence , False Start , Foo Fighters , Hoobastank , Lenny Kravitz , Lordi , Lupe Fiasco , Maroon 5 , Metsatöll , Mika , Miley Cyrus , My Chemical Romance , Nelly Furtado , Ne-Yo , New Found Glory , Nickelback , Nirvana , Oasis , Owl City , October Fall , Paramore , P!nk , Red Hot Chili Peppers , Simple Plan , Sum 41 , Sunrise Avenue , Smilers , Snow Patrol , The Birthday Massacre , The Cranberries , The Fray , The Hush Sound , The Network , The Roots , The Rasmus , To Die For .



DontHappy (09.04.2009 18:01) 
Escape The Fate
MarsiBiku (10.04.2009 01:52) 
sul on väga hää maitse .
BeeHappy (10.04.2009 14:57) 
aitäh . : D
J2nnu (10.04.2009 16:11) 
guud teist . 8D
EnChici (20.04.2009 20:36) 
Metro Station
McCoco (05.05.2009 18:38) 
The Roots - xD , mu perekonnanimi on Roots
BeeHappy (06.05.2009 16:22) 
Aww .
rockstar200 (09.06.2009 18:39) 
mu klassivenna perekonnanimi on ka Roots : oo
Possu (09.10.2009 16:54) 
The Cranberries

Pean ka nõustuma,et sul on päris hea maitse. Hee enda lemmik on Cranberries.
Acquiesce (20.11.2009 17:51) 
mulle meeldima su muusikamaitse Oasis on mu suht lemmik
Castation (16.01.2010 18:59) 
omfg , sina ja kuulad Miley Cyrust ? muidu nendest kuulan Metro Stationit , Cranberries'eid , Mileyt , Paramore't ja MJ'd .
Cluffy (05.02.2010 20:19) 
OMGG ! Meil on niiiii sarnane maitse , kuna ma kuulan siis kõiki
toxikene2 (27.03.2010 19:18) 
Green Day
AaduKuuki (03.07.2010 17:33) 
kuus tükki (või seitse?) kuulan sinu rohkem kuulatavatest xD

sinu vähem kuulatavatest kuulan mina .. kasvõi vahepeal, kui tuju tuleb: Billy Talent , Cobra Starship , Foo Fighters (well ... mul ainult The Pretender empekas (oh shit imma pirate) xD) , Lupe Fiasco , Mika , Nelly Furtado , Ne-Yo , Owl City (YEPYEPYEPYEP, ilike) , Paramore.

ja me vahepeal-asendus-keka-õpsi perekonnanimi on ka Roots
TheGirlCanRock (29.12.2010 15:38) 
Armastan 30 seconds to mars'i
DJ_Noodle (27.05.2011 20:59) 
30 sec to mars <3 ; Escape The Fate <3 ; SlipKnoT ; ja teised - eluhead :] Isiklik lemmik mul endal Avenged Sevenfold , vaata järgi :]
anksuke (13.08.2011 15:49) 
Peeglid2 (28.10.2011 14:01) 
Mina kuulan sinu omadest 30 Seconds To Mars, Blink 182, Metsatöll, Miley Cyrus ja Smilers