kujundus minu poolt

every time it's the same old thing,
you lead me out like a beauty queen.
i don't mind if you play your game.
cus i know I'll make you scream my name.
scream my name, scream my name
scream my name, scream my name.

in the club doin' my thang,
at the bar just sippin a drink,
you walked by in tight ass jeans,
gave me and my homies a wink.
when i see that booty poppin out
it do somethin strange to me.
like a full boned wear wolf,
just tell'em a 3az,
now i can tell by your attitude.
that you know your that your fine as hell
the way you walk the way you talk.
it's like you got some goods yourself,
i respect your hustle girl, but don't try
to hustle me.
cus imma straight pimp with a gangsta limp
and it runs in the family.

hell - o , viska viis nigga' : 3