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Can't promise what you want.

“i think we can make this work.”

“i think we can too.”

“but you have to promise me something.”

“within limits.”

“promise me you’ll never leave the hand soap empty. promise me that when you see the faucet accidently leaking on the counter, you’ll take a towel and mop it up instead of just shrugging and walking away. promise me you won’t leave your jeans rumpled in the hall because they ‘didn’t make it’ all the way into the room.”

“i can’t lie, i can’t promise that. but i will promise to never leave your hands empty. i will promise that when your bad day has leaked all over your cheeks, i’ll take my lips and wipe it away. and i promise that i’ll never leave your feelings rumpled outside a locked bedroom door.”

“i can compromise with that.”

“and can you promise me something?”

“i’ll certainly try.”

“promise me you won’t drag me into some chick flick where the guy cries more than the girl. promise me you won’t spend half of my paycheck on a pair of shoes you already have in a different color. and promise you won’t delete my recording of ‘dirty harry’ so you can record ‘america’s next top gossip designer’ or whatever it is you’re watching this week.”

“no deal. but i will promise i will drag you laughing into bed when we’re soaked to the bone with rain and our teeth are clicking and our hands are the only things warm on our bodies. i will promise that i’ll spend half my thoughts on ‘you’ and the other half on ‘us.’ and i will promise that i’ll delete my petty emotional baggage instead of shoving it in your arms and expecting you to haul it through my stress.”

“one more thing.”


“promise to love me in the morning when my breath smells like last night and bad decisions. promise to love me in the afternoon when my energy flatlined and i’m snapping at you because it keeps me from falling into a coma. promise to love me at night when i’m impatient and shaking through dinner with our friends because i can’t taste the tuna when i’m thinking about tasting your collarbone.”

“that’s easy. i promise to love you when you’re gross, irritating and embarrassing.”

“and i promise i won’t be like that often.”


Ohh kui ♥♥♥ beauty♥♥♥ Sa oled : )) Mina ju ka iludus , aga Sinuga ei anna võrreldagi

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