bithday: 01.03.1994 Canada
age: 16
weight: 43kg
height: ~1,66cm
number: 6
paint: purple and baby blue
hair color: brown
eye color: brown
food: pasta/spakets and cherry-cheese cake
drink: vitamine water
artists:Michael Jacson,Usher,Stevie Wonder,Beyons.
serial: smallville
subject: algebra and english
basketball team: cleverland cavaliers
hockeyteam: maple leafs
candies: sour patch kids
video game: mario kart
cornflakes: capitain crunch
holidays: christmas
sites: twitter and facebook
resort: the bhams
yotube video: scarlet takes a tumble

*Justin is free
*He has been with a girl 3
*Justin is a left-hand
*He has a dog he name is Sam aka Sammy
*In girl he like white smileing,beautiful eyes and good caracter
*Justin like video games. He has ps3 and xbox360
*Hev has half-sister she name is Jazmyn aka Jazzy she born in 2008
*he has half-brother he name is Jaxon he born in 2009

Justin youtube: kidrauhl