99% teismelistest nutaksid, kui näeksid Justin Bieberit pilvelõhkuja tipus ähvardades alla hüpata. Ma olen üks 1%-dist kes istuks popkorniga, ees 3D prillid ning karjuks,,Tee backflip'i''

Got a problem with me? Slove it.
Think im trippin’? Tie my shoes.
Cant face me? Turn aronud

A real friend,
Is someone who knows
The song in ur heart,
And can sing it back to you
When you have forgotten the words.

People like you
are the reasion
we have middle fingers

Everyone sees
Who i appear to be.
But only a few
Know real me.

You can only see
What i choose to show
Theres just so much more
That you will never know.

Its the heart afraid of dying never learns to dance
Its the dream afraid of waking, that never takes the chance
Its the one who wont be taken, that never learns to live.

Everything im not,
Makes me who i am.

You are not the best friends because you sit together at lunch
Or talk on the phone or have mathing flipflops
Or can recite each others wardrobe. Your best friends because
When she smiles, a grin forces itself across your face
No matter now mad you are. When she cries you instantly feel her
Pain and want to cry with her, when you look her in the eyes you know
There is no one you could ever ever trust more regardless of now many broken
Youve head thats what it means to be best friends.

I am who i am
Your opinion isnt needed.

Ära never tee seda enda koerale

O: kust need siia said??