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Hello, I'm Tony. My life is closely connected to music. Very often, when I have free time, music helps me to express my ideas on the paper. As I work as a freelance writer at premiumqualityessays.com. Which is a great combination of a hobby and job.
Sünnipäev: 10.08.1997
Koduleht: https://premiumqualityessays.c...


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The bioethical dilemma about whether or not human genes should be patented has been argued since the implementation of the Human Genome Project. The center of the argument has been the question about whether or not the genetic discoveries can be considered as an invention and whether there is any associated intellectual property for the existing laws to protect. The purpose of this discussion post help is to discuss the dilemma of gene patents and to suggest appropriate recommendations regarding the problem.
The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the products of nature and abstract ideas cannot be patented. Thus, many people argue that genetic information is discovered and not invented and therefore a patent regarding it cannot be legitimately granted. Others promote a different view, which states that discovering a certain gene within the DNA sequence requires a lot of intellectual efforts and other resources. Hence, such inventions must be protected from unauthorized exploitation.
The subject of genes patent exclusivity has produced numerous challenges in both scientific and medical realms. Patent ...




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