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Hi! My name is Triss Ward! I am a bachelor in English philology and literature at California University. I am currently working as one of the best writers at the ElitWritings.com Also, I study feminine psychology.
Koduleht: https://elitewritings.com/


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Everyone lies. Adults usually tell lies to gain personal or professional advantages in specific situations. Though, children start telling the untruth to escape punishment, receive extra chocolate, or a big prize. They can also practice deceit to praise or to avoid the uninteresting duties. These motives are clear and they do not surprise the parents. However, it might be hard to understand when a child invents. Some time ago I had an opportunity to watch the presentation by Dr. Kang Lee about children lying, its reasons, and methods of detecting it and now I’d like to describe this in my post.
Every child will eventually learn to tell lies. Before watching this presentation, one might think that the latter happens, the better it is for the development. It depends on the proper upbringing of a child. The parents explain to their children that lying is bad. Thus, they have to be honest with their parents. Indeed, children start lying for the same reasons as grown-ups. They also have their interests, desires, and feelings. They are often afraid to be punished or ridiculed so that they try to avoid it by inventing stories. Children can lie because of fear to upset or disappoint ...



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