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Best fails :D

postitas: lovekata - 07.08.2017, , loetud: 990x

Kõik all järgnevad lood on 100% minu mõeldud!

Mary : Charlie, what are you doing?
Charlie : What are you doin', what are you doin', of course i study!
Mary : No you aren't, just look this mess, what ya' did yesterday?
Charlie : Me?
Mary : Whos then?
Charlie : Dog.
Mary : We don't have a dog!
Charlie : Oh man, my friend nickname is "dog".

Student : Excuse me, where is headmaster room?
Teacher : Sorry, we don't rent rooms!

Selena : What a mess!
Chris : Where?
Selena : Bingo! I told you! You have very deep attention need!

Lily : Hei, you stealed my sneakers!
Robin : Oh, did i? But i just ate it.
Lily : Oh god, sneakers are my shoes!

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